Melanie Haase, DVM & Owner

She began her college career as a music major (flute), but kept feeling the need to help animals. Between her sophomore and junior year she switched majors to Biology/Animal Science and continued on a path towards veterinary school. She originally felt that surgery, more specifically orthopedic surgery, was her calling, but since has found her talents surround internal medicine. Fifteen hours of continuing education are required to maintain a veterinary license in the State of Oregon.
Dr. Haase prefers to get 20-24 hours yearly. Sixteen of these hours she earns attending a UC Davis Internal Medicine and Endocrinology Seminar learning up-to-date cutting edge information and technology for dogs and cats.

She thinks of veterinary medicine as solving a mystery. “You just have to find the clues, put them together, and recreate a picture of what is happening.” In solving medical mysteries you also have to have a great support structure and know when to call out for assistance.
“I will never miss an opportunity to learn!”